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Infant to 1 years old

The focus of the infant to 1 year-old program is to help young children learn independence and positive social behavior. Language development is stressed and stimulated through stories, songs, music and rhymes. Indoor and outdoor play helps to develop coordination and motor skills. The program also includes a basic introduction of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and basic spanish as well as many other fun activities.

2 to 3 years old

The 2 to 3-year-old program includes everything from the infant and 1-year-old program and encourages learning and creativity through center-based play areas. Classroom is furnished with art, block, dramatic play, library, science, math and manipulative learning centers. Language, science, math and social studies are introduced through various themes. Some of these themes include animals, holidays, community helpers, etc.

4 to 5 years old

The focus of the four and five-year-old program includes everything from the infant to the 3-year-old program and it prepares the children for kindergarten. Listening skills, math and reading readiness are introduced through songs, rhymes, art projects, stories, games and other interactive learning centers. Classroom is furnished with art, block, dramatic play, library, science, math and manipulative learning centers.

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Why early

education matters

Of developing these in young children is a combination of free and structured play, in beautiful and engaging preschool learning environments, and a program that constantly develops their minds across multiple areas. We know that children develop at different rates across different areas.

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Competition! Do I know who my competition is? Yes, I do, and you should too. Don't be fooled by my competitors, those who are implementing the defensive pricing strategy, they are less qualified and focus on quantity rather than quality but what makes me the chosen one and keeps me a step above the rest is my low ratio, continued education and willingness to customize a schedule for you consisting of days, nights and weekends.

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Study to Show Learning Academy is licensed (L04DU0082) through the state of Florida as a family child care home and we provide quality childcare for children from ages 0 to 12 years, in a loving and safe environment where learning and play go hand-in-hand. We offer a wide range of fun activities designed to help your child learn and grow.

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