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Health & Safety

We provide quality child care in a safe and nurturing environment

Health & Safety

We work tirelessly to ensure your child thrives in a healthy, safe and warm environment. Within this secure and nurturing environment, your child is free to learn and discover his or her unique gifts.

Illness Policy

Study to Show Learning Academy cannot accept sick children into care with the following symptoms. Vomitting, head lice, diarrhea, ring worm, strep throat, temperature over 101, pink eye and all those shown in the picture. They must be symptoms free for 24 hours before returning to daycare.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

This policy is designed to prevent the possibility of abusive head trauma during care. Abusive head trauma (also referred to as Shaken Baby Syndrome) occurs in infants and young children, whose neck muscles are not well-developed and whose heads are larger relative to their bodies. As a result, they are especially susceptible to head trauma caused by any type of forceful or sudden shaking, with or without blunt impact. Damage can occur in as little as 5 seconds

Discipline & Expulsion Policy

If I feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, I will let you know, so that you and I are handling it in the same way and your child has continuity in discipline between our homes. These types of behaviors might include such things as fighting, use of bad words, and failure to listen to the teacher, or none participation, etc.

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