Why you should choose us.


Competition! Do I know who my competition is? Yes, I do, and you should too. Don't be fooled by my competitors, those who are implementing the defensive pricing strategy, they are less qualified and focus on quantity rather than quality but what makes me the chosen one and keeps me a step above the rest is my low ratio, continued education and willingness to customize a schedule for you consisting of days, nights and weekends.

Study to Show Learning Academy is an established family child care home since 2010 and we are well-known to families in the local community and the surrounding areas. If you want the best for your child, then you should bring them to the best.

$65 per day to

drop in & play

10 hours max until 5:00pm.


6 weeks-11 months


12 months-23 months


24 months-35 months


36 months-47 months

Fours and above

48 months and up


Full-Time Care

$195 per week


$185 per week

$175 per week

$165 per week

$155 per week

Before & After Care

Before Care

$75 per week

After Care

$75 per week

Includes 1 hour of free tutoring (value $20) per week

Before/After Care

$125 per week

Includes 1 hour of free tutoring (value $20) per week

Rates at Study to Show Learning Academy


Weekend and Nighttime Care

(after 6pm M-F and all day Sat.-Sun) 

$12.00 per hour

Drop in and Play

$65 to drop in and play with us for 10 hours max. per day.

$75 to drop in and stay with us for 10 hours max. per night.

Hourly Play (between 7:30am-5:30pm M-F)

$10 per hour


Holiday Play

$75 per holiday for 10 hours max. (this is if you need us on a holiday that we are closed)



Customized Schedules

Registration fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee due to hold your child's spot. The non-refundable registration fee is $195.00.

We are not your ordinary daycare, we are so much extra. Contact us today!